Relax in the Coronation Garden - find out amazing things about Penrith's past.
These banner flags welcome you to the Coronation Garden. They were designed by members of the local community working with artist Karen MacDougall.
Coronation Garden Neolithic Eden banner
Designed by pupils of Beaconside Infant School showing aspects of life in Neolithic Eden – a stone axe, fire, and 'cup and ring' marks and a spiral, which feature predominately in Cumbrian rock art.
Coronation Garden Roman Eden banner
The 2nd Penrith Scout Troop banner makes reference to the two forts nearest where Penrith is today, and a roman soldier's helmet – symbolising the two forts.
Coronation Garden Early Medieval banner
The 1st Eden Rangers (Girl Guides) banner includes a wheel-head cross and 'hog back' stones which are about 1000 years old and are located in St. Andrew's church yard.
Coronation Garden Writing and Windows banner
The young people from Inspira (Inspiration for Life) visited historical sites in Penrith and made a composite of images found on buildings from the Tudor and Georgian eras.
Coronation Garden Jacobites banner
The members of the Bridge Cafe Group's banner makes reference to the 1745 Jacobite rebellion and the last 'battle' fought on English soil at Clifton (just outside Penrith) between government forces and the Jacobites. It features a 'Brown Bess' musket and sword, and one of the chandeliers from St. Andrew's church which was given to the townspeople for handing over Jacobite fugitives as they tried to escape back to Scotland.
Coronation Garden Victorian Penrith banner
Brunswick Road Infant School pupils focussed upon different machines found in Penrith Museum originating from the Victorian era and includes a penny farthing cycle, a steam train, wheelbarrows and carts, and the Musgrave Monument clock tower.
Coronation Garden World War Two banner
The 75 members of Penrith Methodist Luncheon Club (aged 60-95) selected these motives as key things in wartime Penrith and include land girls, evacuees, growing food, the air raid siren, and tanks at the Lowther Castle test site.
Coronation Garden Penrith and Eden Today banner
The peoples banner, which includes drawings by the people of Penrith themselves on a Penrith skyline, is to represent the people of the area today.